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Product number: 62.930.400.424
Product information "RESEA SPORT"


The RESEA SPORT makes excursions especially easy: maneuverable, flexible and comfortable thanks to a variable folding system and all-wheel suspension. The best pushchair that fits in any trunk. Now new: with extra long backrest!

Product details: The features of the RESEA SPORT in the MOON-Kosmos

Maximum comfort:

  • Flat ergonomic reclining position: The sports seat can be easily adjusted from the upright sitting position to the flat ergonomic reclining position.
  • Extra long backrest: The RESEA SPORT sports seat has the longest reclining surface in the range with a length of 53 cm - ideal even for older children!
  • XXL sunroof: The sport seat offers an extra-large sunroof with UV protection 50+ and climate window.
  • Comfort padding: The padding in the sports seat is extra padded to provide comfortable support.
  • Seat at table height: Thanks to the height of the included sports seat, you have a better view of your child and he or she can sit more comfortably at the table.

Highest safety:

  • Air permeability: Air-permeable materials ensure a better climate inside the RESEA SPORT.
  • Breathable seat cover: The fabrics of the RESEA SPORT are breathable to improve the air supply and reduce perspiration, especially in summer. 
  • Wind stopper: The RESEA SPORT protects your baby from wind and cold draughts with a resistant wind stopper.
  • UV protection 50+: Babies should not be in the blazing sun for too long. All MOON sunroofs therefore offer UV protection 50+ and plenty of shade. 
  • 5-point harness system: The 5-point harness system can be adjusted and is comfortable for the little passengers thanks to the comfort padding.

More flexibility:

  • Convertible seat unit: With a view of mum or the world. Thanks to the convertible seat units of the RESEA SPORT, you decide where your baby looks.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to its lightness, the RESEA SPORT can be carried with one hand. A relief when traveling and in everyday life!
  • Height-adjustable handles: Thanks to the height-adjustable push handles, parents of all sizes can adjust the pram ergonomically for themselves. 
  • Quickly made small: No extra work and quickly stowed away - even in the smallest car trunk. 
  • Foldable with seat in both directions of travel: No matter how the sports seat is mounted, the RESEA SPORT can be folded directly.
  • Removable tires: To save even more space, the tires can be quickly and easily removed and then remounted.

Extra endurance and durability:

  • All-wheel suspension: Optimal driving comfort thanks to suspension of all tires!
  • Ball bearing in the tire suspension: The ball bearing allows the RESEA SPORT to glide effortlessly.
  • Loadable up to 22 kg: The RESEA SPORT can carry children with a body weight of up to 22 kg and thus remains in use for an extra long time.

Intelligent design: 

  • Shopping basket: Parents always have a lot with them. The basket offers enough space for shopping, bags, jackets and more. ​​If you need more: the basket is easy to open up!
  • Excellent manufacturing: We pay attention to high quality materials and good workmanship, so that the pram remain long in use. 
  • High-quality materials: thanks to their rain- and dirt-repellent quality, our design fabrics are not only visually and haptically appealing, but above all practical. In addition, our faux leathers are vegan, non-slip and offer antibacterial protection.


The popular premium pram RESEA SPORT can not be missing in the new collection. This year we have equipped the trendy pram with an extra long backrest. This way, the RESEA SPORT accompanies growing children into “high” age!


Sport seat


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Collection: 2022
Set up (L x B x H) 
95 x 57 x 102 cm
Folding size (L x B x H) 68 x 57 x 26 cm
Sport seat lying surface 87 cm
Backrest sport seat height 53 cm
Weight with sport seat 10,2 kg
Max. weight of the child 22 kg
Telescopic handlebar88 - 102 cm

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