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Product number: 63.960.600.401
Product information "ROCCA BASIC COLLECTION 2022"


The modern and simple design of the ROCCA fits perfectly with a life of style. Numerous features, such as the one-hand folding mechanism, a convertible seat unit and the small folding size allow you maximum flexibility in city life. Year-round colours and a surprising amount of features are perfect for you and your world explorer! The BASIC models of the ROCCA with high-quality rubber tires offer you all the qualities of the MOON-Kosmos. 

Product details: One for all - the features of the ROCCA in the MOON-Kosmos

Maximum comfort:

  • Flat ergonomic reclining position: The sports seat can be easily adjusted from the upright sitting position to the flat ergonomic reclining position.
  • XXL sunroof: Both the carrycot and the sport seat offer an extra-large sun roof with UV protection 50+ and climate window.
  • Comfort padding: The padding in the sports seat is extra padded to provide comfortable support.
  • Seat at table height: Thanks to the height of the sports seat, you have a better view of your child and he or she can sit more comfortably at the table.
  • Panorama View: The air-permeable climate window improves ventilation in the pram and still offers sufficient protection.
  • Extra wide carrycot: Lots of space means lots of comfort for your baby. Big enough to move and grow, but small enough to give a feeling of safety and security. 

Highest safety:

  • Air permeability: Air-permeable materials ensure a better climate inside the ROCCA.
  • Breathable seat cover: The ROCCA's fabrics are breathable to improve airflow and reduce perspiration, especially in summer. 
  • Windstopper: The ROCCA protects your baby from wind and cold draughts with a resistant windstopper.
  • Windows with climate zone: In addition to the CIRC AIR® system, integrated windows with climate zone support the air circulation in the ROCCA. In the EDITION you will also find an additional climate window in the carrycot.
  • UV protection 50+: Babies should not be in the blazing sun for too long. All MOON sunroofs therefore offer UV protection 50+ and plenty of shade. 
  • 5-point harness system: The 5-point harness system can be adjusted and is comfortable for the little passengers thanks to the comfort padding.

More flexibility:

  • Convertible seat unit: With a view of mum or the world. Thanks to the ROCCA's convertible seat units, you decide where your baby looks.
  • One-hand folding mechanism: The ROCCA can be folded with just one hand and a few grips.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to its lightness, the ROCCA can be carried with one hand. A relief on journeys and in everyday life! 
  • Height-adjustable handles: Thanks to the height-adjustable push handles, parents of all sizes can adjust the pram ergonomically for themselves. 
  • Foldable with seat and basket in both driving directions: No matter how the sport seat is mounted, the ROCCA can be folded directly.
  • Quickly made small: No extra work and quickly stowed - even in the smallest car boot. 
  • Removable tires: To save even more space, the rubber tires can be quickly and easily removed and then remounted.

Extra endurance and durability:

  • All-wheel suspension: Optimum driving comfort thanks to suspension of all tires - the ROCCA shines on any terrain!
  • Ball bearing in the tire suspension: The ball bearing lets the ROCCA glide effortlessly.
  • Loadable up to 22kg: The ROCCA can carry children with a body weight of up to 22 kg and thus remains in use for an extra long time.

Intelligent design: 

  • Shopping basket: Parents always have a lot with them. The basket offers enough space for shopping, bags, jackets and more. 
  • MOON FABRIC+ System: Made with extra robust, breathable jersey cover suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • High-quality materials: Thanks to their rain- and dirt-repellent quality, MOON's design fabrics are not only visually and haptically appealing, but above all practical. In addition, the artificial leathers used are vegan, non-slip and offer antibacterial protection. The EDITION models also offer additional colour and fabric combinations. 

Collection: 2022
Set up (L x B x H) 
95/103 x 56,5 x 126 cm
Folding size (L x B x H)64 x 45,5 x 30 cm
Carrycot dimensions (L x B x H)90 x 43 x 24 cm
Sport seat dimensions89 x 30 cm
Backrest sport seat height 51 cm
Weight with carrycot BASIC 12,1 kg
Weight with sport seat 12 kg
Max. weight of child (sport seat) 22 kg
Kink slider96 - 110 cm

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